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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section, if we left something out please contact us  by filling the form at the bottom of this page ,we will be glad to answer all your inquires.

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How to get to Cozumel from Cancun & Playa del Carmen?


If staying in Cancun or Puerto Morelos you need to take transportation to Playa del Carmen there are taxis but the best way for confort and pirce is to take the SHUTTLE BUS ADO that departs from Cancun downtown every 15 min, cost aprox. is  $ 5.00 usd and from Cancun Airport directly to Playa del Carmen. Check the link for more details.

Since is an Island about 14 km from Playa del Carmen the most comun way is by ferry, there are two companies that provide the service in very nice, safe, fast boats; departure times change with the vacation seasons  so check the schedules in the folowing links : 


Mexico Waterjets



Price on both is $ 160.00 pesos each way (aprox. $ 13.00 usd as August 2011.)


The land trip takes about 1 hour. Then you  catch the ferry to Cozumel, another 45 min.


How do I get to Cozumel from the USA or Canada?


American Airlines 


United/Continental Airlines  


All have regular service to Cancun some to Cozumel directly

There are also numerous charter flights at economical prices but are mainly during high season, November through April.  It is also possible to fly to Cancun and take land/ferry transport to Cozumel .



How do I get to Cozumel from Europe?


KLM-Royal Duch Airlines,  BritishAirways,   Air Europa/Aeromexico,  Air France,  Northwest, US Air, Delta, United/Continental and American Airlines all offer service to Cancun, and some fly to Cozumel.

What travel documents do I need to get into Mexico?



For citizens of the United States the best documents are  passport and visa. Different rules may be in effect for citizens of other nations.

What is the exange rate from pesos to dollars ?

We have on our front page a link to exange rates from us dollars to euros and it get`s updated daily so please check it out.



Electricity: Same as in the US. Standard 110 volt. You might find that many outlets do not accommodate a grounded plug (3 prong) so you might want to bring an adapter with you.



Time Zone: Cozumel is in the Central time zone. GMT -6 and observes dayligth savings.



Telephone & Internet Services: Many internet cafes have sprung up on Cozumel island. Access to email and the internet is easy and inexpensive. Public telephones are abundant around town.  Beware of credit card or collect calls made from street phones. You may come home to find a hefty surprise on your next statement.  Now days your mobile cell phone works as well in Mexico ask your carrier about  the packages and rates they offer while you are on vacation, you may want to disconect your internet conection so it does not goes on roaming all the time. SMS text messages are relly helpfull and relaively cheep.


Dialing for the USA, Canada to Mexico: Mexico´s contry code is 52, Cozumel code is 987 when dialing localy  from a hotel ask if is a land line or a mobile, for this last ones you may have to dial first 044 then 987 and the number in total 10 digits including Cozumel code.



Sunscreen: Just like anywhere else that's tropical, the sun is very hot in Cozumel and sunscreen is recommended.. Be aware that national ecological parks recommend only biodegradable sunscreen in the water.


When is the best time to go to Cozumel?


Cozumel is beautiful all year long. However, the airfares are much higher during December - March. There are usually 3 seasonal rates: 1) mid December to April; 2) April to mid December (lowest); 3) Christmas and New Year's weeks (highest and can be more than double the lowest season rates. When planning your travel to Cozumel you might also consider both US and Mexican holidays, which will attract more visitors to the island.

The climate is tropical. Cozumel has seasons just like everywhere else. March through May gets less rain and warm air temperatures. During the months of June, July and August the weather is very hot and humid. This is a great time of the year if you like those warm summer night dives. Water temperature during the summer months is usually about 82-85 degrees. In the winter months water temperatures range between 78-80. In September and October the weather is more turbulent. Days can be wonderfully hot and humid and the diving is fantastic, but there is also the possibility of hurricanes. In November thru February the weather patterns may bring the occasional "Nortes" - winds coming from the North that are a bit cooler. In December Cozumel gets very busy around the holidays.



What should I wear?


The dress code is shorts, hats and sandals. Some of your nicer restaurants may expect a higher level of casual. A light jacket or windbreaker is good to have along in case it gets breezy.




Is all the diving drift diving?


From the boats, yes. The boats will drop you off at the beginning of the reef and follow you until the end of the dive, when they pick up the divers at the end of the reef. The pace of diving is very relaxed. In many cases you don't even need to fin kick. The current will do the work for you and you can enjoy a relaxing ride over the beautiful reefs.

Is there any beach diving in Cozumel?

Tanks are available at the Marina Caleta only steps away from the diving coastline at Paraiso reef. You can also dive at Chankanaab Park or Dzhul Ha (now Money Bar) and from other areas around the island. There is always current so be aware of your entry and exit points also the use of a bouy or sausage dive markes is strongly recomended due to the incresed boat traffic on the Island.



What is the difference between the large boat vs. fast boat?



The biggest difference is the number of divers on the boat, the time to get to the reefs and it gets back earlier. If you like fewer divers, the fast boat goes with 8 divers maximum.  The large boats go with maximum 12-16 divers (unless per group request) 2 divemasters.  All the large boats have bathrooms, the fast boat does not, but can stop at the beach for that propouse.  Bigger boats can take sea conditions better when we have "nortes" cold fronts during the winter months. 



What kind of wetsuit do people usually use?



This depends much on your own tolerence level. Many divers don't wear any wetsuit at all, but risk the possibility of being stung by organisms in the water like floating hydroids, tiny jellyfish, or stinging larvae. A lycra skin helps but doesn't add warmth. If you are planning to do multiple dives, you might consider a Polartek or 2-3 ml neoprene full wetsuit or shortie. For night dives you'll be more comfortable in a warmer suit. Divers who tend to get cold more easily may go as far as a 5 ml neoprene suit. Keep in mind that the more neoprene you wear, the more weight you'll need to carry. With the water temperature averaging around 80-82 degrees, and dives lasting as long as 50-60 minutes in some cases you may decide that you want to rent a shortie because what you brought with you is too much or too little.

If we left something out please contact us by filling out the form below, I will be glad to help.